Songs that throw me back..

There's a parallel between photographs and songs in that they can both take you back to a moment, producing vivid memories and nostalgia, and that's just one of the reasons I love music so much. Some music induced memories I have are.. (I may have done a similar post to this before, but after 200 … Continue reading Songs that throw me back..


On wanting to write

So four weeks ago I finished a six week contract as a procurement assistant. And in tomorrow I start a new job as a business development assistant. This is great; I'm excited to get stuck in and learn some new stuff and earn some money and it's my first permanent full time job. But it's … Continue reading On wanting to write

My Student Life- Fiction and Reality…

I know the university year is just about over, but a whole year of students will be finding out whether they've got their grades pretty soon, so a uni post is always pretty useful, right? Before I started, three years ago now, I'd heard loads of stereotypes and things that were 'guaranteed' to happen to … Continue reading My Student Life- Fiction and Reality…