I Got a Camera!

How much blog can a blogger blog if a blogger doesn’t blog with a proper camera?

Up until everything I’ve posted has been taken with the iPhone 6, not even the latest iPhone, so today is a glorious day! At long last, I can post high quality photos and give myself that professional edge.


Saying this, I could only afford (and warrant) an entry level DSLR, so I went for the Canon 1300D, called the T6 in some countries I think? – Definitely not an expert! I only got it yesterday, and I haven’t even left my house with it yet, but I messed around with it a tiny bit earlier. The photos here are no reflection of my ability (I hope) and I’m expecting myself to produce some right corkers soon!


I’m also hoping to work on my editing a lot, now I’ve got the quality photo capability to work from! *These photos aren’t edited- I’ve been lazy!!*


So, just a little bit of a life/blog update post today! But one that hopefully puts me in the best possible position to take this site forward! Thanks for reading, and follow me if you want to see what me and my camera get up to!




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