Photography With A Glass Prism

I saw some really cool videos of people trying photography with a glass prism so I thought I'd buy one for myself. Now I'm super super new to photography, and I didn't even leave my garden to take these photos so don't judge too hardly! But here's my first ever attempts, without any editing, photoshop … Continue reading Photography With A Glass Prism

I Got a Camera!

How much blog can a blogger blog if a blogger doesn't blog with a proper camera? Up until everything I've posted has been taken with the iPhone 6, not even the latest iPhone, so today is a glorious day! At long last, I can post high quality photos and give myself that professional edge. Saying … Continue reading I Got a Camera!

The Netherlands Has SO Many Parks!

I swear to god, this country flipping loves parks. I've never seen so many- ever. I'm not just talking a kids playground, though there is one basically every 3 roads! There are full on fields with lakes and picnic benches and all sorts, everywhere! In the city I'm living in (Nijmegen) I've been to at … Continue reading The Netherlands Has SO Many Parks!

Chilling With The Animals at Skansen!

The final full day of my Stockholm trip blessed up with 26 degree sun, which is surely pretty rare for Sweden! It was an absolute scorcher, so obviously we wanted to spend it outdoors. We'd planned on going to a World Heritage Site which was a cemetery, but it was a good hour and a … Continue reading Chilling With The Animals at Skansen!