Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

Everyone knows the comic Peanuts, by Charlie M. Schulz. Even if you’ve never seen it/ read it, you’re surely familiar with the characters of Snoopy the dog, or Charlie Brown. So, when Vans, the clothing company, recently announced a collaboration with Schulz, I was very excited. But, Vans have done some really crap collabs, so I was also a little hesitant (looking at you, Star Wars).

Anyway, the majority of the range wasn’t my cup of tea, or was far too girly, but one pair of Old-Skools caught my eye, and I  recently snapped them up. They have been out about a month now, but they’re nearly entirely sold out everywhere, so, considering I left it late I was lucky to get some!


First things first, the box is sick! Covered in prints of the comic, I’ll definitely be hanging on to it and it might be the box that starts off me storing all my shoes in their boxes!


Even the paper the shoes are wrapped in is covered in comic. The attention to detail in every part of this shoe is pretty spot on!


Please, excuse my messy bed, but here it is! The shoe! The trainer! If you don’t recognise that infamous black squiggle across the side, it’s the print that’s on Charlie Brown’s jumper. It looks sOoOo sick on a shoe, I’m chuffed to bits with these!


Like I was saying, the attention to detail is awesome, and Good Grief is printed on the tongues of the shoes. Again, this was a catchphrase of Charlie Brown’s and it adds just a little more uniqueness to what is already a great shoe!

I own a pair of Vans Old-Skools already in the classic black and white colourway, and so they go with anything. But recently my clothing choices have become a lot more monochromatic, with maybe a little bit of denim, so the yellow of these will look really good as a tiny bit of colour in my outfit!

Thanks for reading! This has been my first fashion post in a while, and I hope you enjoyed it! I’ve got a few more to come because I’ve ordered a few more bits and bobs and generally I just love fashion and shopping! Please follow me for more!



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