My 2018 Travel Plans

This blog kind of started out as a travel blog, but I was living in the Netherlands at the time, and so getting a bus an hour away was enough to constitute travelling. Now I’m back in England, with little money or time. But, I can’t let this stop me altogether!

Firstly I’ll definitely be going to a music festival somewhere in Europe. Me and my friend Dan are still weighing up lineups and cities before we commit, but the options are focused between Open’r in Poland or BBK Live in Spain, which I have been to before. Because of this, I plan to fly into Santander in the North of Spain and spend a few days there before getting the bus down to Bilbao for the festival, or perhaps Pamplona for the famous festival that has the bull run, as that coincides with the music festival!

The original plan was Mad Cool festival in Madrid, but it sold out the day I went online to book tickets! Really sad, because just in one day Kasabian, Tame Impala, MGMT and Justice are playing.

Then, later on in the year it’s my sisters 21st birthday, and as strange as it may seem, she’s decided she wants to go to Morocco for the occasion. This was somewhere I weighed up going a lot last year, but it never happened. I’m excited to see the markets in Marrakesh and perhaps take a day excursion to the desert.

That’s my two plans so far- not enough aye?! Hopefully I can add some weekend breaks or something similar to my schedule as the year progresses. So yeah, just a small post today! I’ve still got some fashion posts coming as I’ve previously promised but the photos are proving tricky without a photographer! Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following me for more!!

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