My Guilty Pleasures..

Everyone enjoys things that they aren’t particularly proud of- it’s just a fact! Today I thought I’d embrace everything that I get enjoyment from and list them all- face the embarrassment and accept it!

  1. Zoella- I flipping love a Zoella vlog. I’m a 22 year old hetero male so this may be very odd but I don’t care. I don’t mean the videos where she discusses what makeup she’s wearing or whatever, but the vlogs of her daily life. I love a bit of reality tv, and her vlogs are like cosy, wholesome versions of that.
  2. Big Brother- This follows on from saying I like reality tv, as Big Brother is the king! This one’s not so much a secret because I’ve been watching it for years and I get mildly obsessed every time.
  3. Selena Gomez’ Revival Album- This is my newest guilty pleasure. It’s got that ‘Hands to myself’ song on it, and ‘Same old love’ which are both really great pop songs. I’m largely a massive Indie fan so this is outside my usual comfort zone a fair bit.
  4. Haribo- As far as food goes I have never outgrown sweets. I, far too often, eat a share size bag of Haribo for my lunch. Really bad for me and my teeth, so I have to make up for it with more brushing and whatnot!
  5. Shopping when I have no money- This is without a doubt the one that makes me feel guiltiest! I think I have a mild shopping addiction when it comes to clothes. I can’t help myself, and sales especially get me. I’ve got my eyes on some Adidas Tubulars in the sale right now- I really shouldn’t but wait and see me write about them soon…


That’s all for now I think.. I guess my guilty pleasures are all quite ‘feminine’ things, minus the sweets, so maybe if you read between the lines there there’s something to say about masculinity… But that’s a comment best left for another, less light hearted post.

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9 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasures..

  1. I have never been able to say no to Haribo to be honest. I remember going back to Germany last year and getting sick after trying all the 100s of flavours they have. They even had Smurf Haribo! SMURF! I absolutely love those things, especially the sour ones, so don’t feel like you’re alone in this haha!

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  2. Jarryd according to Sidney Poitier the measure of a man is how he treats his wife/partner and children. Doesn’t matter how many guilty pleasures you have in my view, as long as if you settle down one day you do your best on that front.

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      1. I loved it. It gives insight to those behind the mega social sites. The movie gets dark and has a real interesting twist at the end. And it is funny. If you see it would be curious what you think.


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