A Summer of Music!

I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER. When May hits, a d r e a m y summer has officially begun for me, this year punctuated by music festivals aplenty. All Points East It all kicks off with Bring Me the Horizon, a band I've sort of grown up with. They released a new album recently … Continue reading A Summer of Music!

Vintage Shopping in a Cathedral

This summer weather in February is like a massive burger; it's so good but you know it's so wrong. But climate change aside, the weekend just gone I enjoyed the weather by.. well, by going inside. In my local city (small lil city) named Chelmsford, there was a vintage sale in the Cathedral, selling by … Continue reading Vintage Shopping in a Cathedral

Summer, Selfies and Sunglasses

Summer is approaching fast and if there is one thing I can't get enough of it's sunglasses. I buy a few pairs every year, and I always go for the cheap high street ones rather than splashing out on one expensive pair. This is just because I get bored of them quite quickly, and I … Continue reading Summer, Selfies and Sunglasses