A Year Ahead In Gigs

I like to make little lists looking forward, because it’s kind of exciting and I feel like it makes them come quicker. I thought today that I’d share this list, specifically this time with what gigs I’ve got coming up.. All of these are in London, because that’s basically the only place near me to travel to for music!

December- Gabrielle Aplin at the Union Chapel

This one sounds really cute because it’s a Christmas party type gig, set in a little church building. I’ve been to one gig in a church before and it was v v nice so this should be too! Plus, it’s definitely going to get me in the Christmassy mood which is essential at that time of year!

February- Bon Iver at Eventim Apollo

I f l i p p i n g love Bon Iver, he’s been the soundtrack of my past 6 months and has popped up many times before that. I don’t know what it is about them but their music is magical and I’m so excited for this one. I haven’t been to the Eventim Apollo since my very first gig back in 2011, so it’s something a bit different I suppose. SUPER exciting.

March- Everything Everything at Alexandra Palace

EE are the band I’ve seen the most ever, coming in at six times. In March that will be 7, and their latest album was full of massive songs that I really enjoyed. They’re really great live, and the venue is conveniently close to my house. It’s a pretty cool venue. 12,000 people capacity, but all standing. V unique.

April- Arcade Fire at Wembley Arena

Writing this down has made me realise what a great few months I’ve got. Arcade Fire are up there with my fav bands (let’s forget about the newest album) and this tour that I’m going to is ‘In the round’, meaning the stage is 360 degrees and you can experience the show from a whole range of angles.

That’s all I’ve got booked currently. Gigs aren’t cheap! I’m being slightly more selective with what I go to now, for the sake of my wallet and the fact that I’ve seen lots of bands before. Out of those 4 above, Bon Iver will be my only first time experience. Anyway, thanks for reading! Please leave a follow because why not!



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