The Soundtrack Of My Year Abroad

I’m getting slight deja vu sitting down to write this, so I really hope I haven’t written this post before and forgotten about it in my old age? (21…) I think I’ve just contemplated it previously.. here’s hoping! I flipping love how music can take you back, and I’m sure in a year or so I’ll look back on this post and listen to all these songs for a hefty dose of nostalgia. I should probably add I studied in Nijmegen, Holland for a year!

Drangsal- Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

Drangsal absolutely had to make it on to this list because he was the first artist introduced to me by my friend Andi. We bonded largely over music and in December last year I went to his home town (Dortmund, Germany) and saw Drangsal perform live. It was a weird experience, not understanding the singers chat with the crowd, but I had a great time and this song will forever take me back.

Jamie T- If You’ve Got The Money

There’s a pretty dumb hook in this song which just goes ‘ba dee dum dah, dah do dah dah, dum dum deh de dum dum’ and so on.. but again, me and a few friends bonded over a love for this song, and I have a fond memory of walking round the city of Utrecht, all of us winding each other up by constantly singing that ear worm of a hook. It was a glorious sunny day and my first trip to another place with my new found friends, and I’ll never forget it!

Crystal Fighters- Plage

It could be any Crystal Fighters song really, but I saw them at a Dutch music festival and I’m pretty sure they ended on this song. There was confetti, giant beach balls, soooo much dancing and without sounding a little hyperbolic it was borderline euphoric. I don’t wanna milk it but looking back I had the best time seeing Crystal Fighters. Again, good friends helped!

Robbie Williams- Angels

A bit less credible this song, and I can’t say I particularly like it, but we frequently went to this little club which would, without fail, play this song and bring out those firework sparklers for everyone to drunkenly wave about as you sang this song with reckless abandon.

The XX- Say Something Loving

I saw The XX in Amsterdam, and it was insane. The perfect performance. Their third album came out during my year abroad so obviously I listened to it flipping loads. And then I finished my year off seeing them again in Lisbon, which was a different experience yet still incredible.

I really wish I’d written down the songs that meant something when they were actually in my life, because I’m SO sure there are more, but right now I just can’t think of any! Hopefully one day they’ll pop up on a Spotify playlist, or on the radio, and the memories can flood back.

Also I can’t write a soundtrack of my year without including anything by Mr Worldwide, or Sean De Paul, not because of their awful music, but because of the amount of jokes we had about them. Kind of ‘you had to be there’ stuff which is absolutely not funny to anyone else.

Anyway, thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me! Please press that follow button to stay up to date with what’s going on! I’m posting a lot more lately and I’m keen to improve my quality of posts back up to what they used to be.. I’m getting there!


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