In Which We Are The King (Poetry)

I have no idea when I last posted a bit of poetry! It’s definitely ages ago, too long ago! Anyway, I’m currently in bed unable to sleep, about to schedule this post for tomorrow because I’ve been having a long old play around with rhyme. Rhyme and half rhyme actually. And maybe a bit more. It’s not the most beautiful eloquent poetry. Definitely more of an exercise in rhyme. ((Say rhyme more)rhymerhymerhyme)

I hope you enjoy!

Brought down to earth like King Kong.

That sees the kings crown gone,

Whilst the queens long moved on.

So he plays his final swansong,

Lyrically asking what went wrong?

She wanted more spice like cardamom.

A bit more muscle, a bit more strong.

He’s sad now but he’ll surely stumble upon

A new queen whos after the brains not brawn.

Yeah, just a quickie! Not sure if I’m proud of it or not, hence me scheduling this post rather than publishing straight off! If you see this I guess it means I decided it was good enough to stay.. or I forgot to delete it! Either way, thanks for reading and follow me for more gibberish! It’s free!

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