Getting Green Fingers…

Life is busy right now!! Tomorrow I pick up the keys to my new house (rental of course) and so I've got loads of packing and unpacking to be doing, bills to be sorting and errands to be run. All of this gives me a bit of a headache, so recently I thought I'd prepare for the new house in a different way. A calmer, more relaxing way. By buying plants and reporting them!!

Look at these little fellas! The top two are succulents of some sort, and the bottom one is just a more standard shrub thing. Sorry for my perfectly inept description… Anyway, they were all picked up at everyone's favourite home store- Ikea! I was going to buy a bamboo shoot too, but I didn't and now I live in regret.

I bought a big old bag of soil, and a few pots, and I was ready to get my gardening on! I actually really enjoyed it… As someone who's gardening experience doesn't go much beyond mowing the lawn, I didn't expect to find it so therapeutic!

This is them all done, looking good if I do say so myself! Now to keep them alive! Easier said than done I'm sure…

Anyway, sorry for the short post and irregular post schedule.. as I said, tomorrow I move in to my house, so I'm sure I'll update you on that. Make sure you're following me so you don't miss anything! Thanks for reading!!

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