I’m All Moved In!

Look who hasn’t been posting again.. Yep. Me. BUT- My excuse is that I’ve been moving into a new flat and not doing much else that’s interesting to write about! However, on Monday I picked up my key, and now I’ve a new address! (Flat tour/room tour post coming soon!)


This was obviously an occasion worth celebrating, so I spent two days chilling out and enjoying myself. On Monday, after unpacking, I went to St Albans with my good friend Daniel. We mooched round the city, had a browse in some shops and stopped for coffee in a place with the very long and interesting name – The Exquisite Peacock Emporium. It’s really nicely decorated, with bold tiled walls and tables, and a very tempting display of muffins at the counter. As I was just chilling, I forgot to take many blog pics- sorry!!

Afterwards, we headed to my universities Student Union pub, where we enjoyed cheap beer and many games of pool. I’m not proud to admit I lost them all, but I made up for it at Top Golf the next day. Afterwards, we headed to a proper pub, for a nicer atmosphere and to catch the end of the football. A very nice, chilled day!


The next day we headed to Top Golf, in Watford. It’s a really cool place, a competitive driving range, where micro-chipped balls register points based on what targets you hit them in. Like I said, whilst Dan won the pool, I came out on top here- woo! We then headed into Watford, perused a little more, and drank lots of coffee to avoid the rain.

We ended the day with a trip to the cinema, to see Detroit. I had no idea what the film was about, but it was an exhausting experience! A really long, harrowing film with no light relief. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it- It was eye opening, and felt like a worthwhile use of time!

Anyway, thanks for reading! More and better posts coming soon- I promise! I plan to stop using my blog as a diary, and posting some more interesting stuff!! So make sure you’re following!!


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