The Dreaded Last Minute Cancellation…

I’m aiming to post daily this month, but this little story is calling for an extra one… I’m going to Stockholm on the 16th, which is only a week away. A group of five of us had booked a nice and cheap airbnb just outside the city centre which seemed pretty perfect for what we plan to do. We sorted it a long time ago- obviously the best apartments go early and we were fully aware of this hence the preparation..

So to our dismay, just an hour ago I got the dreaded cancellation pop up on my phone! Apparently the host has just had a group of noisy tourists in the flat who upset the neighbours, and thanks to them we can no longer stay in the place! I understand it’s not ideal for the host, but it’s even worse for us! We have roughly seven days to sort a new place, in a bloody expensive city, and there are apparently 19% of properties left for our dates. That sounds like loads until you see that 99% of them are a good hour outside of Stockholm!

This is the first time this has happened to me, and up until now all my experiences with the site have been great, but this is really throwing a spanner in the works! I felt it was worth a quick blog post, and I was wondering if this has happened to others and how they’ve resolved it? We’re probably going to have to book a hostel which means more £££ on accommodation and more £££ on food because we won’t be able to cook!!

Thanks for reading; sorry for the rant!


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