My Spring Purchases

With it being May now, I think it’s safe to say Spring is in full swing. There’s leaves on the trees and flowers in the ground and everything feels a little warmer, a little closer to summer. Whilst I haven’t been having to rely on coats lately, hoodies and sweatshirts have still been needed, so I went on a little shop to get myself through the coming months and take me into summer!

Boiler Room Gasius Hoodie- £60

I originally knew of Boiler Room through their live DJ sets on youtube, showcasing the work of Jamie XX and Caribou among others, and largely they are a music company who film DJs.  They were founded in London but I think they’re pretty global now, with a huge following online. Fairly recently they dropped a small range of clothes, and I was lucky enough to pick up this hoodie which I really like. I think the print looks great, and it has writing down the arms which seems to be quite popular right now.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt- H&M -£17


This has a really cool neck- like a 1/4 turtle neck, which is hard to see in the picture. The material is pretty lightweight so will probably transition well into summer, which is always good. The print in the middle is pretty cliche and generic and I’m not a huge fan of it, but one thing that makes it a bit more unique is the fact that it’s actually a giant patch sewn on rather than an ironed on image or the like. I think it should sit pretty well under a denim jacket, and I doubt I’ll wear it by itself.

Red Sweatshirt- H&M- £25

I don’t tend to wear a lot of colour- I usually stick to black and white, but this sweatshirt really caught my eye as a block of brightness. It keeps in line with the sleeve writing which is everywhere right now, and the text says ‘mind to mind’ which isn’t too cheesy compared to some I’ve seen. It has a front hoodie style pocket which is kind of hidden, but overall I like it because it’s simple and looks good with black jeans!

Brilliant Sweatshirt- Diamond Supply- £70

I don’t hear so much from Diamond anymore; I think they’ve lost a bit of popularity, but I really liked this sweatshirt. The bold print is still pretty muted in terms of colour, and is fairly understated for something so in-your-face. The little details on it too are pretty nice- the diamond on the sleeve, and the stitched on label at the bottom. It’s really good quality too, nice and thick for a sweatshirt and I bought it oversized in XL and it hangs well.

Thanks for reading!



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