Things I Hate About Travelling

So far, over the course of my year abroad, I’ve visited 19 cities across 10 countries, so I’ve finally got a bit of travelling experience under my belt. For the most part, I’ve loved every single minute, but there are a few trivial things which I really do hate…IMG_2895

(None of these pictures will relate to the points, but I’ll decorate the post with my travel snaps anyway)IMG_1938

When you have to get a shuttle from the departure desk to the plane or vice versa…

I can’t stand it! You spend all that time queuing to go through to the plane, only to be forced on to an overly cramped bus, to take the shortest journey ever! I would rather walk the five flipping minutes than go through this. When I step back and think about it I can acknowledge it really isn’t a big deal, but yet it still grinds my gears!

The middle seat on the plane…

No way am I spending money on reserving a seat- I’m a student and I’ll take whatever’s free… But when I’m allocated the middle seat I wish I’d splashed out the four pounds or whatever it is. Being in between two strangers, with nowhere to lean or twist your legs is bad enough, but I’m not exactly short and so I’m absolutely squished.

Overpriced airports…

Romania is easily the cheapest country I’ve been to; I had entire nights out for just over a tenner! So it came as a nasty surprise when I had to pay over five euros for the worst sandwich I’ve ever had at the airport. It had giant pieces of gherkin sloshed over a really gross ham, and the dryest bread roll ever. I couldn’t even see the gherkin when I chose it, so it was a gross first bite.

Air BNB hosts who don’t like to reply…

I. Need. To. Know. Where. To. Pick. Up. The. Key. From. How hard it is to arrange key collection, yet so many leave it until I’m in the country, with no mobile data!

I realise now looking at my short list that really there isn’t anything I hate about travel except from airports. And I clearly don’t hate them that much because I’m booked to go to Stockholm on the 16th… But thanks for reading!




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