Songs that throw me back..

There’s a parallel between photographs and songs in that they can both take you back to a moment, producing vivid memories and nostalgia, and that’s just one of the reasons I love music so much. Some music induced memories I have are.. (I may have done a similar post to this before, but after 200 odd posts you bet I can’t remember.)

Paramore- Fences 

I used to have a mammoth paper round- nearly 600 houses, and I can remember SO clearly having Paramore’s RIOT album on repeat as I’d trundle round my town with the clunky paper trolley and my iPod classic in tow. But this song particularly throws me back to a specific moment, in all it’s mundane glory, and I could walk back to the very house today, that I was delivering to whilst listening nearly ten years ago.

Panic! at the Disco- I write Sins Not Tragedies

I was an avid skateboarder back in the day, and would clock in serious hours, but occasionally we’d take a break and just chill. They were doing building work near the skatepark and moved a shipping container metres away for whatever reason. I remember us all laying on top of the container with this song playing out of someone’s crappy phone. They’d probably been bluetoothed the song.

Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc

This memory is similar, the skatepark again. The first line is ‘City’s breaking down on a camels back,’ and we changed it to ‘Sam is breaking down’ in homage to our friend Sam. For whatever reason this really annoyed him and we all found it hilarious. Kids aye.

A$AP ROCKY- Everyday

Fast forward a good few years and I had my first proper job in a café. I clocked a lot of hours over summer and we’d always have radio one on, who repeat the same playlist every couple of hours. This song particularly stands out because one of the older women in the café loved Rod Stewart, who is featured on this track, so she’d crank it up multiple times a day for an entire summer. The song instantly throws me back to grating ridiculous ten kilo blocks of cheese.

Hall and Oates- You Make My Dreams 

This one occurred on one of my favourite holidays, in Lisbon with my friend Dan. We’d drunk a few G+Ts and nothing sounded better than this song as we had our own exclusive, invitation-only, club night bopping this one tune.



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