I can’t wait to be ruled by robots

Imagine.. it’s 100 years from now and our jobs have become automated. Robots took over and the workday is no more. A horror, right?


Thank capitalism (for once) that when robots (perhaps inevitably) replace us in the workplace, that us fleshy lumps still need a wage!

Without a population paying for goods and services, corporations will have no customers and thus have no need for the robots to work and produce things. Its cyclical! No money = no demand for products = no production.

SO! Corporations would still have to pay a wage to people, for doing absolutely nothing! B e a u t, right?

With all the new found time we’d have on our hands our purpose in life would totally change.

Imagine the artistic output this world would be capable of if we all just have little more time. Literature, music, art, landscaping, gardening, baking, cooking, film, carpentry, sculpting, sport- all at levels currently unfathomable.

Some may argue that without work life is pointless and to that I would say you have succumbed to a capitalistic rhetoric that work=purpose. That may be a comfortable stance for an office worker. Try telling a factory worker who puts a bolt on a screw all day on repeat that that is giving him purpose.

We’re all wage slaves; work doesnt give us a purpose, it is merely a means of survival. Some people of course do enjoy their jobs, but for every 1 that does there are probably 100 that don’t, and don’t for less money at that.

I cant wait to be ruled by robots.

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