A March Vinyl Haul

It’s been a cracking month for music, as can be proven by my bank account. I’ve bought a bunch of records, some new and some older, but all brilliant!

Billie Eilish- When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

I preordered this after hearing bury a friend and taking a deep dive (still relatively shallow considering her age) into her music. It’s obvious why she’s taking the world by storm- her sounds are exciting, fresh and new whilst still darkly relatable. Art beyond her years for sure. Sadly the press of this record isn’t great which is a shame because the production is top notch.

Foals- Everything not saved will be lost

Foals needed that one big album to push them into the big festival headliner club and this is surely that release. As a collective the album is flawless, with a few singles exceptionally good. I was lucky enough to get the signed copy which is very cool.

Sigrid- Sucker Punch

Firstly, how cool is this vinyl?! My first picture disc and I love it! The album is full of pop anthems which is exactly what I expected and also wanted. I love love love Sigrid.

Kali Uchis- Isolation

I can’t get enough of this current wave of female R&B artists. (R&B or RnB???). I’m loving SZA, Jorja Smith, H.E.R, but Kali is my fav of the bunch. Such a quality album full to the brim with songs and the striking blue vinyl is stunning to match.

Tyler the Creator- Flowerboy

I don’t know why I didnt buy this record sooner; it was one of my most listened to last year and the artwork is amazing enough to make the physical purchase. It’s an absolute masterpiece and I recommend absolutely everyone to listen.

Young Fathers- DEAD.

Easily one of my favourite bands. I got this on sale for like £13 which is a real bargain. It’s so obvious why it won the mercury prize award- it’ll go down as a classic.

Young Fathers- Tape 1 + 2

This is a double album, remastered and rereleased under one gate fold. Again, amazing stuff, intense and experimental and a beaut package to own.

Thanks for reading! Make sure you’re following for more!

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