Sunday Brunchin’

It’s become a little tradition between me and a couple of friends to go for brunch on a Sunday. We’ve worked our way through a whole host of Essex hangs but one stands out and it is this one that we so frequently return to. – ACanteen, in Chelmsford.

It’s reasonably priced for what you expect of a brunch menu, with good size servings and high quality food which is a must. It’s also plenty big enough that you never have to wait toooo long for a table, yet still maintains that intimacy and cosy atmosphere.

Also, the brand of Kombucha they sell is delish! I’m obsessed!

So this is just a quick post to rave about ACanteen! If you’re ever in Chelmsford it’s just off the highstreet- you can’t miss it and well worth a try!

I’m going there for ‘boozy bingo’ on a Friday night soon and if that’s good I’m sure I’ll write a little something something about it!

Thanks for reading, apologies for the short post- life is getting in the way with, lots of masters applications to submit (I’m taking the plunge) (probably) until next time, make sure you’re following for more!

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