Cathedrals and Queueing! Seville Day 2

If you haven’t read part one, maybe go read that first... But if you have, you’ll know I didn’t get back from a night out until about 6 in the morning, so day 2 started with sensitive heads and a huge deficit of sleep. We’d decided that today we’d visit the Real Alcazar, which is the other huge thing to do in Seville, and I believe where some Game of Thrones scenes were filmed.

However, once we arrived at the Alcazar, a little worse for wear, and saw the queue was way way over an hour, we decided against it, and instead opted for the Cathedral, with the intention of getting up early for the Alcazar the next day. (We did, and the queue was much better, but if you’re thinking of going I recommend 100% either prebooking a tour or queueing from even before opening.) 20190302_125928.jpg20190302_135715.jpg

The cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral in Europe (maybe the world?), and it’s nearly impossible to take a good photo of it from the outside due to this sheer size. The queue was still large, but far more manageable than the Alcazar, and we were in within 30 mins. It cost about 9 euros but there’s rooms of art (think mini Vatican), and you also get entry up the tower with the ticket for incredible aerial views.

The cathedral itself is stunning. The size is overwhelming; if you wanted to take in every single bit of art and architecture so finely woven in you could be in there for hours. We sat down for a bit of reflection before heading up the tower.

Thankfully there are no stairs, just ramp after ramp, which goes on forever. You do get progressively better views as you rise, but it’s a right workout for the legs.

The top was crowded with people, and you have to pretty much barge your way to a viewing spot, but once you do it’s well worth it.


Spectacular views from the top; you can even see the bullring, where the most prestigious matadors fight in Spain every Spring. We didn’t tour the bullring, but walked past it a bunch of time and it’s quite impressive!

After this we had a spot of lunch (tapas of course) and then headed to the parasol mushroom sculpture.


We wanted to go up it at sunset, so passed for today. There are loads of bars and restaurants underneath it though, so we had dinner here. This was also the day of El Classico, where Real Madrid face Barcelona in the football. Obviously this isn’t much of a deal in Seville, and we were so tired we just went to the supermarket, bought some more beers and snacks and opted to watch it on the tv in our Airbnb.

Thanks for reading- the next post is the most jam packed- once we’d realised we need to actually do everything we’d put off so far! So make sure you’re following me for that!


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