The Day We Did Everything! Seville Day 3

After procrastination put down to queues, tiredness and aching heads, we reached Sunday, day 3 of our 4 day trip to Seville. This meant we still had the Real Alcazar and heading up the parasol to tick off, amongst a few other plans (tapas + beer, of course.)

We got up bright and early and headed to the Alcazar for opening time, expecting no queues but encountering a lengthy beast which snaked round the building. It was moving much quicker than the day before, I guess due to the fact there was no one inside they had to wait to leave. We took it in shifts to go off and find breakfast, while the other saved the spot, and before we knew it we were wolfing down coffee as the front loomed. Then we were in. And w o w. WOW. The Real Alcazar is maybe even more impressive than the plaza.



When you first walk in you’re greeted by incredible tiling, beautiful ceilings and little courtyards that take your breath away, and this isn’t even the main attraction. EVERYTHING here is so photogenic it’s been a painful process to choose which ones make it to this blog post, so there’s quiteeee a lot.

Anyway, once you walk through a lot of museum type rooms, with various alcazar themed exhibitions, you get to the main event. The GIANT gardens.


More glorious orange trees and loads of fountains. This is the garden they used for some Game of Thrones scenes and it’s honestly like being transported to another time in history inside. It’s so impressive.

We headed up on to the balcony for some aerial shots and took endless pics against the tiles.


We spent agessss in the Alcazar lapping up the atmosphere and enjoying the gardens. Once we left we headed to a Tapas restaurant for a few plates and a few beers. 

The next part of our day was a bit of a fail. We planned to get a bus 20 mins out of town to an ancient Roman amphitheatre, which went swimmingly until on the bus I checked what time it closed. 3.30pm.. the time now? 3.30pm. We got off the bus, saw there was n o t h ingggg else around so shared an uber back into Seville with a nice couple from Liverpool.

As evening drew round we knew we wanted to head up the parasol, (giant mushroom looking sculpture) at sunset for some beautiful views of the city. This only cost about 3 euros and included a postcard plus a euro discount off a beer at the top so well worth it.


2019-03-04 11.20.59 2.jpg


We were blessed with a  peach of a sunset which only grew more stunning the longer we were up there. Sadly the sun doesn’t set over the most picturesque photo position, but hey ho, you can’t fault nature.

Seville is BLOODY BEAUT. I can’t recommend it enough. It has the perfect mix of sightseeing destinations and cheap eateries/bars (that are really good!) It feels incredibly welcoming and fashionable with a real buzz about the place. Definitely go if you get the chance!

Thanks for reading! Make sure you’re following for more soon! I’ve got a longer trip coming up soon which should be fun!

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