A Song For Every Mood

I was tempted to start a new series on this blog, where I’d post a mini playlist per mood, but before I jump into that I thought I’d test the water with a bit more of a general affair. So yeah! It’s a pretty self explanatory structure I guess- enjoy!

Happy! Hard Times- Paramore or Electric Love- BORNS 

Okay so straight away I realise I should’ve just delved straight into the series because there’s just so many songs for each mood! Anyway, when I’m happy I want a big old singalong, and both of these songs are p e r f e c t for belting. Lyrically the Paramore tune is a bit of a downer, but it’s hidden by a beaut pop production and good vibeZzz *cringe*.

Relaxed! Loving is Easy- Rex Orange County 

This is a pretty new song, and it’s super chill. It’s super catchy, and it would be perfect background music if it wasn’t so attention grabbing by being so good! ‘Loving is easy, you got me fucked up‘ is crooned masterfully over backing ‘ooohs‘ and ‘aaahs‘ and you’ll be humming along, lazed out, in no time when this comes on.

Heartbroken! Someone Who Loves You- HONNE+ Izzy Bizu

Heartbroken is a bit of a dramatic word- I’m just referring to sadness resulting from relationship (or lack of) woes. *I was once at a Jessie J concert and my friend started crying because he didn’t have a girlfriend and the lyrics got to him- this song’s a recommendation for you! (naming no names)* Anyway, this HONNE song starts with the lyrics ‘whoever said it was easy, must’ve had it pretty good‘ which is v perceptive and relatable. But the best thing is, it’s not a feel-sorry-for-yourself song. It’s dance-y and a bit of a pick me up, which is probably better than drowning your sorrows in acoustic tears.

Motivated! On Hold- The XX (Jamie XX Remix)

This is a hearty 6 minute song, which builds and is fairly repetitive, but in the best way possible. I’ve found it’s perfectttt to whack on when I’m in the swing of writing an essay or a blog post. It keeps me focused and get’s things done! Also it’s a song from one of my fav bands, remixed by one of my fav djs, so pretty perfect!

That’ll do for now! I could keep going for hours, but let’s keep it short and sweet for now. I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you’ve got any songs perfect for any occasions/moods/emotions! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow me!


2 thoughts on “A Song For Every Mood

  1. Standing Strong : Mariah Carey’s “Through The Rain”

    Needing Love: “Ready For Love” – India Arie
    Heartbroken but holding strong: “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie
    Relocation – “Pray For Me” by Darey Art Alade
    Breaking Up: “Not The Girl” by Darey Art Alade
    Seductive: “Private Dancer” by Tina Turner

    Lol. I could go on and on. Great post 👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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