Never Too Late To Learn!

I’ve got a lot of spare time at university. Some weeks I’ve only got four hours of contact time, which is pretty mad. I should definitely be cramming every minute with reading and dissertation work and all that good stuff, but realistically I have the attention span of a small dog (with some exceptions).


I’ve set up my sisters’ old keyboard in my bedroom, with the intention to actually learn the thing. Crazy, right? I’m such a big fan of music I’ve always thought it’s kind of stupid I don’t actually play an instrument. I used to learn guitar but my heart was never in it and I gave up after a few years. I can, however, still play A-Punk by Vampire Weekend impeccably. V Smug.

Anyway, since I was a kid I’ve always wanted a library in my future home. Realistically it may be my retirement home, but until then let’s keep the dream alive. I envision red leather chairs, proper classic. Dark wooden shelves, housing all the books, and in the corner a piano. And what would be the point in a piano without playing the thing!

I’ve nailed MGMT’s Kids although I did teach myself that a few years ago. Then recently I saw a Facebook post about how there’s always one **** who can play The Scientist by Coldplay on piano, so naturally I wanted to be that **** and I can pretty much play that now too.

It’s just a bit of fun to distract myself from studies, so I’m not going to tackle scales and arpeggios anytime soon, but yeah! This post marks the official beginning of my learning. A year from now I’ll update you on my progress! Thanks for reading, and make sure you press the follow button!!

4 thoughts on “Never Too Late To Learn!

  1. Jarrad, I thought you had given up university and went back to England. Am I not keeping up? Good luck on the music. Tried piano and guitar years ago. Have no idea what happened. Life I guess…

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    1. I’ve done two years of university in England, then I did a year in Holland and now I’m finishing off back in England- my last year! Maybe a bit confusing! Thanks- ah yeah it’s a lot of practice involved to get good I suppose!


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