Hunting Headspace

You may or may not have seen my most recent post, in which I talked about my recent glumness. Anyway, today I decided to take some time out for myself and chill, and it was a whole world of helpful.

I drove to a city in Hertfordshire called St Albans, which has a big old cathedral I had a little walk round. There’s some really impressive stained glass in there and it was very relaxing to just mooch. It was a crisp day, and I was snug in my coat, which I think is pretty perfect for walks, so I walked for a little over an hour through the cathedrals grounds and then verulaium Park, an old Roman ground with ruins nearby. It has some lake/ pond things and is just a nice serene place to wander and ponder!

Afterwards there was only one thing on my mind- coffee. I was flagging without my caffeine fix, so I went to a place called Hatch. It has no indoor seating, so it’s more of a kiosk. They’re an independent store, and the thing that makes that special is that their coffee beans are specially mixed and roasted to their own blend, by a roasterie in London. Pretty delicious coffee and cheaper than chains!

I think relying on others to do things is the worst thing you can do, because it can result in you never doing anything. So I’m going to make sure I do plenty more things, even if that requires my own company. Today was great for headspace- I got out of my bedroom/ house/ town in which I’ve recently felt isolated and shifted perspectives.

Happiness is a state of mind and I’m open to it! Thanks for reading- catch you again soon- so make sure you click follow!

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