I was scrolling through the Independents website, looking for details on the new music festival in London, All Points East (looks sizzling) when I came across this article..

If Music Gives You Goosebumps..

Basically, if you can’t be bothered to read it, it says that scientists have found that those who link emotion to music feel emotions more intensely in general. And that there is a neurological difference between those of us who emotionally attach memories and feelings to music and those who don’t.

I’m definitely someone who does! Music is probably the most emotional medium in the world to me- I’ve never been more touched than by a song. It takes quite the film to evoke emotion from me, but a song can affect my mood in the time it takes to finish a verse. And as for associating memories to songs, there are heaps of songs which are ingrained as part of a certain moment to me.

As for experience emotions in life more intensely than others, I’m not entirely sure if I can agree, because I don’t know how others feel? Plus, I’m not much of a cryer. Taking aside the odd weepy eye at a film (like I just said, very rare) I don’t remember the last time I cried.

A lot of people I know don’t understand my ‘obsession’ with music, but I think when you can see scientifically that it’s a different experience for different brains it becomes a little bit more understandable?

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting article, so wanted to share it with you! If you liked this kind of post let me know/ leave a like, and maybe I’ll post something similar again! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Goosebumps.

  1. I definitely link music to emotions, and I definitely feel things deeply…but then again I’m a writer so what do you expect? Great post, putting the article in my “proof I was right all along” file.

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