Dutch And English Nights Out: A Comparison

I could just talk about my most recent night out in this post, but where’s the fun in that? And frankly, the night was too much of a drunken blur for me to write any real depth, nor did I take any photos.. SO I’m going to use what memories I have to compare to an English night out!

I think first things first, they start a bit later… Me and Dan were predrinking til late and didn’t get into town until gone 11. We didn’t meet up with everyone in a night club until about 1am and then we left around 4am. In England a lot of clubs turn the lights on and turf you out at 3, so this is a definite difference- Europeans have more stamina, it seems.

Dan trying on my jacket outside a urinal- the epitome of class x

Holland has a real uniqueness to lots of it’s bars. I’m sure there are also hundreds of individual little places in England too, but in Nijmegen alone there are countless places with their own characters. On this particular night Dan and I went to a place called cafe de fiets, which has around 60 varieties of shots. These aren’t just your usual shots like Vodka and Sambuca, but instead are like little mini cocktails. Some they set on fire, some they serve with whipped cream, but what is in common with them all is they’re 30ml! I really like this shots bar, and across the street from it is a ‘music bar’ with drum cymbals lining the wall and a big ol’ stage at the back of the venue!


Nights out involve a lot more bar/club hopping. In Nijmegen it’s very rare to pay entry to a nightclub, so you have the freedom to venture from one place to another. Dan and I visited four different places on this night out, stopping in for just a singular beer in some places. This is, of course, possible in England too, but when you are paying £5 minimum it would soon add up and add a lot of extra costs to your night!


A lot more beer is drunk. When I’m out in England I drink vodka and coke as my standard clubbing drink. It would cost an arm and a leg to do that here, so beer is a necessity. We went to a club called NDRGRND where 300ml sized beers were 2.60 so super affordable and fairly enjoyable. They leave you with a nasty hangover the next day though!

Different night- same club x

Cycling home! In all my years, I’ve never witnessed someone cycling home from a night out in England. Come to the Netherlands, however, and everyone does it! It takes a while to get used to tipsy cycling, and I’ve seen some nasty falls, but it gets easier! Unfortunately, due to bike issues, Dan couldn’t experience that on this trip, so we had a hefty hour walk back! (We could’ve got a cab but our cash had gone on bevos!)

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