What I’m Listening To- June 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve last done a monthly round up of music, but there are soOoOo many good releases this month that I felt a compulsive NEED to rekindle this post format again.

Arcade Fire- Everything Now + Creature Comfort

Arcade Fire are easily in my top 3 favourite bands, and I’ve been anticipating new music from them for what feels like forever. I’m absolutely loving their marketing for this album, with the mysterious twitter pages and treasure hunts round cities they’re playing in, but does the music live up to this?


Everything Now is great! It’s like an easier on the ear development of Reflektor. It’s catchy, you can sing along to it, and I know it’s going to be great live. The lyrics leave a little to be desired, but the sampled panpipes and the looping melodies are great. Win sounds class as always. Creature Comfort, on the other hand, has great lyrics- typically Arcade Fire I feel, and the cute little reference to their debut album was very welcome. However, I think this song could be better. It lacks a little substance and it’s fairly repetitive. I’m still hopeful for the album though, and of course I’ve got it preordered!

Everything Everything- Can’t Do 

This band are also in my top 3- I flipping love them, and I’ve seen them countless times. They’ve not been off the radar for too long, so there’s definitely still momentum pushing this release to the forefront. As far as a first single, it reminds me of the first release from Get To Heaven, their most recent album. It’s like a darker, moodier, more adult version of Distant Past. Signature Everything Everything whilst still moving forward, in a great direction, and I love it.

Lorde- Melodrama

Lorde released a hell of a lot of the songs from this album before eventually dropping the whole thing, and I enjoyed every track. I’m not going to talk too much about the individual songs, because it’s a concept album that should really be talked about as a whole. And it’s a bloody good whole. Classic Lorde but with better production. Her vocals are insanely good. One song which I will talk about on it’s own though is Writer In The Dark. omg. I can’t get enough. The album only dropped at midnight and I’ve listened about a million times already to this one song. It’s like classic Kate Bush meets Lorde. I liked the stripped back nature of Liability, but this is just next level. I n c r e d i b l e.

Wolf Alice- Yuk Foo

This isn’t anything dramatically different for Wolf Alice, but if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Another vocalist where I just love the sound of her voice, but Wolf Alice are certainly a band, and the heavy drums and thrashing guitars on this song make it a force to be reckoned with and I bet it’s a moshy haven live. Good stuff.

Thanks for reading! This is just an extra little post today, expect some classic Hollandy travelly stuff later, so give me a follow to make sure you don’t miss it!


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