English People Everywhere! (Haircuts abroad)

I hate getting my haircut. It’s the most awkward 45 minutes of small talk that I ever put myself through. So imagine having to get your hair cut in a foreign country! It’s enough to spark fear in even the bravest (or baldest) of men. I first went to a highly recommended place called The Barberstation, which to be fair was really good and not toooo awkward, but f l i p p i n g expensive. I vowed never to return, for the sake of my wallet.

SO it was with a tremendous amount of luck that a new barbershop opened- Daggers. Decent name, I thought, sounds my cup of tea. 20 euro haircuts, even better. I looked on the Facebook and someone claimed to have flown over from London to get their haircut there, which is beyond a recommendation surely.. Appointments were full for a good week, another good sign. I booked one and waited patiently.

To my absolute delight, the barber was English! What are the chances! I know it’s only a small journey away really, but Nijmegen is a pretty random place to set up shop! It made me much more comfortable and confident that he’d understand what I want, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Holland now!

Maybe  now I’m missing out on the language-barrier haircut most study abroad students will face, but once was enough!

I got my haircut again yesterday, and whilst I was waiting I took a couple of photos. IMG_3388IMG_3389

There’s a lot of skateboard themed stuff in the barbers, and as a former skater myself I feel a real affinity to the place. Maybe one day I’ll be the guy to fly over from London for a cut!

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