Get To Know Me: My Suburb

So! I’ve shown you my room, meaning naturally the next step is to leave the comfort of my bed and show you where about’s I live. I live in a suburb of Nijmegen called Hatert, and to be quite honest there is very little here except from two shops and what I’m about to show you.

I live in a student block called Vossenveld, and it’s literally a stones throw from the river. As you can see it’s kind of ugly, but also kind of modern. It really doesn’t fit in to the area- there’s trees everywhere and then little Dutch houses and then this bloomin big eight storey building towering over. I can’t imagine the locals were too pleased when this was built…


This is my walk to the shops, and everything is looking really lush and green right now. I walk through a little park with a kids playground, and sometimes there are the c u t e s t dogs chilling here. I think the Dutch really like tiny little dogs and thus I like the Dutch. Tiny dogs are the best.


If I turn left out of my building rather than right I walk towards the river, and this is what I walk past. Please note how artistic this photo is, with the lens glare in the bottom right and stuff (hahaha I have no idea what I’m talking about, I take my pictures with an iPhone)


Along the river is a l      o      n       g bicycle path and I love it. Whenever the suns out I go for a huge cycle, sometimes with friends/ sometimes alone, and I cycle along the river for miles, then cross a bridge into a park where I chill with the ducks, before coming home again. It’s pretty ideal. People row along the river and I’m really jealous. Whenever I’m cycling alongside the water I always think how I’d rather be on it than beside it…


The whole general area of where I currently live really reminds me of a holiday park, and these houses are part of the reason. They don’t look like houses you’d see back in England, but they’re quite cool! The fact they are set amongst a load of trees adds to the holiday park vibe I suppose.

This has been a very green post, I’m aware, but everything was looking too good not to photo and talk about. I love a good bit of greenery and I feel very lucky to be situated where I am.

As per usual, thanks for reading and check out my instagram!



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