A Fun Few Days In The Netherlands!

Tomorrow, my friend Dan is coming to visit me here in Nijmegen, staying from Wednesday to Monday or (something like that!) We’ve got a good few days planned, so I thought I’d share what’s happening!

Tomorrow, after he arrives, I think we’ll just have a wander round the city, so he can experience a Dutch city in all it’s glory. I’m sure this will involve a beer or two as well! In the evening we’re going to go to a cocktail bar and then to another bar which has open mic nights on Wednesdays, and you get some super talented people performing covers in there- it’s always a good time!

We’re also going to cycle to Kranenburg, a small town in Germany. Crossing the border by bicycle should be pretty cool! I’ve cycled a large portion of the journey before, but never actually entered Germany, and Kranenburg will be a new town to tick off my list!

Then, of course, we will visit Amsterdam. It would be criminal for Dan to come all this way and not to see the unique city of Dam. I fear his innocence will be tainted by the debauchery of the red light district *weeps*. I think we’ll go to Vondelpark, the sex museum and maybe a boat trip or something else touristy, and just generally explore on foot!

That’s all we have for certain for now, but OBVIOUSLY there are going to be countless blogs coming with much more detail so look out for those, and follow me for those good good email updates. Perfect.

For now, enjoy some photos of Dan…

Thanks for reading!


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