The Quest For The Perfect Denim Jacket!

A good few years ago I bought a denim jacket (jean jacket for any Americans reading) and I thought it was perfect. It was cheap- maybe £30 from TK Maxx- with a really slight acid wash on the back and a great slim fit. But I’m now 21 and I’ve grown, and what was once a great jacket is no more. I sadly donated it to a charity shop back in September and have been looking for a new one ever since. A mission that has lasted with me from London to Amsterdam and everywhere in between. From high street store to vintage kilo sales. And yesterday my mission was accomplished!

Please welcome my new vintage Levis jacket to my wardrobe!!


Last week I travelled to Utrecht, to visit a vintage shop called Het Kaufhaus, which I’d been to before and found loads of great jackets but no denim ones. I thought I’d give it another try as it was definitely the sort of place one might pop up, but when I got to Utrecht I found the shop was entirely gone! What was in its place was a sign about redevelopment of the whole street. I was having no luck finding this essential wardrobe piece. Especially as just a week earlier I’d paid an entry fee (!!!) to enter a vintage kilo sale, where items were weighed and you paid 15 euros per kilo. They reckoned this meant that a denim jacket would cost about 12 euros, but when I got there they hardly had any! Plenty of denim but all for the legs. So yesterday, when I walked into Sussies, a small vintage shop in Nijmegen I wasn’t expecting to come across anything.. But they had about five Levis jackets all on one rail and things were looking up! My friend Emily also wanted one, and she initially tried on the one I picked up, but it was way too big for her. Thank god! I snapped it up for just 30 euros- about 25 pounds!

I got home and gave it a quick cold wash to get rid of the second hand smell and my research begun. Straight away I found out that because it has hand warmer pockets it comes from the 80s onwards. Its not a super collectable, super valuable piece but I couldn’t care less. I wasn’t set on my jacket having to be Levis; I just wanted the perfect colour and the perfect fit. In this picture you can see the colour and the wear on it a lot better than the picture above and these are the detailings I  love. It’s all about the details with Levi jackets, down to the stitching! I’m really happy with my purchase, and my long long wait for a new jacket has finally come to an end!

Thanks for reading!


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