Smoothies in Southend- Again!!

The other day I went to Southend and told you all about it. Today I did basically the same thing… But! When I last went, I only had a coffee in a new cafe/bar called the Molo Lounge… Today was the day that I tried the food! (Woaaaah!)

I won't bother repeating how cool the place looks, I'll just show you-
Very nice, very vintage, very arty… It has character and we were also able to sit near enough outside, as the front opens up entirely. (I am always a big fan of sitting outside.)

So- food, I hear you cry! Well, I settled on the hummus and falafel toasted wrap, and my friend Dan had a pulled pork panini, which is quite a mouthful- literally and otherwise!

Firstly, we didn't order the fries, so thanks, Molo Lounge, for those! The photo of the food doesn't do it justice because it was really delicious. My wrap was super filling, with a really generous portion of falafel, rocket and red cabbage inside it. Th hummus was also really good- a little tangy?

I was super super full after this, so definitely good value for money at something like 7 pounds! Dan claimed to have enjoyed his too, but that chap really is a wildcard so who knows!

After this, and a heavy dose of shopping, we headed to Pulp Kitchen, for those good good smoothies. This time I had the club Tropicana, with banana, mango, coconut milk, apple juice and Lime. Super yummy and I really like the little street it's down. Probably my number one recommendation if you visit the sunny seaside town of Southend!

I've been so inspired by smoothies recently, I bought a blender so I can't start doing my own. When I got home, I was delighted to find it had arrived.
If I become a smoothie aficionado I'll maybe post about it- so stay tuned and follow me if you're feeling fruity! Until then, thanks for reading!!

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