The Environment and Me

So I'm half way through a vegetarian January. I decided Veganism was far too hard and after reading that avocados, almonds and a bunch more foods are now technically not even vegan I doubley couldn't deal. But I'm no ignoramus and I know meat isn't good for the planet so this Jan I'm doing a … Continue reading The Environment and Me

I Went Vegetarian For A Week!!

Vegetarianism is taking over the world, right? It seems like it's never been so popular, and there's absolutely nothing negative about that- I can appreciate all the environmental damages of the meat industry and yes, I've seen Cowspiracy... I thought I'd go vegetarian for a week, mainly to see if I could actually do it! … Continue reading I Went Vegetarian For A Week!!

Acting Hipster In Sodermalm!

Sodermalm is a district of Stockholm which was easily my favourite. It was visibly fashionable; effortlessly cool. We'd done our research before we came and had seen that it was home to one of the best viewpoints to see out over the city, so that's where we headed first. The view was great, and you … Continue reading Acting Hipster In Sodermalm!