A Christmas Favourites Tag!

I've never done a tag, nor am I sure if I've read one? So bare with me in this post.. I'm just gonna talk a load of Christmas stuff and hope that suffices. If it's completely wrong then woops. (enjoy this mess!) Fav Christmas film- Until like two years ago I'd have said Nativity but … Continue reading A Christmas Favourites Tag!


If We Were Having Coffee… (Again)

I really loved writing a post around this theme before, it's quite cathartic and relaxing. I've also just made myself a coffee, so it seems like the perfect time to sit down and write a follow up to a post I first wrote a good few months ago, when my life was in a different place... If … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee… (Again)

This Time Last Year…

I've not seen anyone do this type of post (I'm sure it's been done before though!), but I thought I'd reflect on a few changes! This time last year I was in Amsterdam, celebrating a friends birthday. It was my first time in the city and I absolutely loved it. We got a little too … Continue reading This Time Last Year…