bad luck and worse

I wrote a poem- enjoyyy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I carved your epitaph into our grandest gasp Which broke into waves through arteries and veins. Anatomically correct. I dissect the remains. Rearrange your DNA and Do not age. Happiness is a state of mind but now you're gone My mind is just a state. Love is not enough,... Continue Reading →

My Spin On Wordsworth…

Here's a poem I wrote, a twist on the very classic, very famous Wordsworth poem Daffodils..   i wandered lonely as a cloud (through Tottenham) I wandered lonely as a cloud, they saw that I was on my own and so they came and beat me down. Then took my wallet and my phone. These... Continue Reading →

I’m Publishing An E-Book!

Yes! An E-Book! It's all written and I'm just in the process of formatting it for Kindles! It's going to be an anthology of poetry, not to be taken too seriously but hopefully still maintain a thought- provoking nature! Stay tuned for a release date, but until then I can share the cover with you!... Continue Reading →

I Wrote Some Poetry

I'm an English Literature/ Creative Writing student at university, but I always struggle with poetry. I'm too matter of fact with my words, which works with my style in prose, but leaves a lot to be desired in my poems. It's a style, nonetheless, and one that I suppose is not the most sophisticated, but... Continue Reading →

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