My Weird Relationship With Food…

Back in primary school, when I was in my very first year, so aged about five, a girl was sick in class, and it made me feel very very sick. At school lunch, rice pudding was served as dessert, which reminded me horribly, of the vomit I'd just seen. This was the beginning of my … Continue reading My Weird Relationship With Food…

My Deepest Darkest Thoughts 1

I've really quite enjoyed writing 'A Social Commentary 1+2' recently. The act of writing my abstract thoughts is cathartic and helps to compartmentalise my brain. But this topic doesn't really fit. It's a topic which I'm kind of obsessed with, more than the average person perhaps, and that topic is growing up.  Throughout my teenage … Continue reading My Deepest Darkest Thoughts 1

A Social Commentary 2

When did it become so fashionable to be so self-deprecating? Everyone is so negative! I constantly hear 'ooo I'll never afford a house';' ooo I see myself as a lonely spinster with cats'; 'ooo I'll never earn what my parents do'. Where is the positivity? It's become a trend to become negative and it really … Continue reading A Social Commentary 2

A Social Commentary 1

I started this blog because I felt like I constantly have something to say, whether it has weight or relevance or whimsy is irrelevant. So, I'm going to start this little series of posts. I expect they'll be few and far between, so if they're not to your taste they'll be easy to ignore! The … Continue reading A Social Commentary 1

Phone Free For One Hour Everyday?

Just like everyone these days, I spend the majority of my time in front of screens. Whether I'm inside on my laptop, or outside actually doing something, my phone is there to give me my internet fix. Recently I decided enough is enough, and for one hour everyday, I've put my phone aside and done … Continue reading Phone Free For One Hour Everyday?