A Busy Bank Holiday in London!

It's been a whole week since I last posted! I used to post daily!! I promise I won't leave you waiting this long again, but it's with good reason- I've been v v busy! Starting off with the weekend just gone, which was a three day one here in England! I spent both Saturday and … Continue reading A Busy Bank Holiday in London!

My England Travels In Instagrams

A while ago I wrote a blog post where I went through my old Instagram pictures and talked about they showed my life changing. I really enjoyed the little nostalgia trip so I thought today I'd do a part two, of sorts, and go through the different places I've visited in England, the country I'm … Continue reading My England Travels In Instagrams

David Baddiel: My Family- Not The Sitcom @ Playhouse Theatre

I didn't know anything of David Baddiel before I went to this show.. Much of his work is before my time or just never came up on my radar. The ticket was bought due to an online special offer combined with a want of something to do- and I'm flipping glad I went! Things started … Continue reading David Baddiel: My Family- Not The Sitcom @ Playhouse Theatre

My Life In Instagrams

Now, obviously I haven't had Instagram my entire life, but I got the app in about 2013, so it holds a lot of memories throughout my journey into adulthood. This post is a bit of a blast through the past, starting when I turned 18. I hope you enjoy! My birthday is on the 28th … Continue reading My Life In Instagrams