A Tick Off My Bucketlist..

No not skydiving, nor visiting a wonder of the world or anything else so exciting.. I've had my ear pierced! It's my first ever piercing and I've wanted it done for ages! So on Wednesday I finally took the plunge and got a helix piercing, which is cartilage on the top outer ear sort of … Continue reading A Tick Off My Bucketlist..

Writing For The Sake Of Writing

I've been a little absent from the blog again.. Maybe a week or so? But I like to post multiple times a week so that feels like an age for me. Anyway, in that time I had written, and still have saved, a Halloween post and an October favourites. BUT. They. Were. Shit.  I'd rather … Continue reading Writing For The Sake Of Writing

I’m All Moved In!

Look who hasn't been posting again.. Yep. Me. BUT- My excuse is that I've been moving into a new flat and not doing much else that's interesting to write about! However, on Monday I picked up my key, and now I've a new address! (Flat tour/room tour post coming soon!) This was obviously an occasion … Continue reading I’m All Moved In!

I’ve Got The Post-Travel Blues…

Ever since I've come back from my year abroad I've been generally uninspired. Getting back into a normal routine, in a town I've lived in my entire life, is wholly depressing. I miss a sense of adventure... of taking a wrong turn down a street and ending up somewhere I've never been before... of going … Continue reading I’ve Got The Post-Travel Blues…

I Got a Camera!

How much blog can a blogger blog if a blogger doesn't blog with a proper camera? Up until everything I've posted has been taken with the iPhone 6, not even the latest iPhone, so today is a glorious day! At long last, I can post high quality photos and give myself that professional edge. Saying … Continue reading I Got a Camera!

150 Followers! (And a Life Update)

I'm not sure how often I should be posting about my milestones, but as they're just a way of me thanking all of you who follow and read my writing, I don't see any harm in them! So, thank you very much to each and every one of you 150 people! I'm loving blogging and … Continue reading 150 Followers! (And a Life Update)