Is it hard to be male?

Oh, what a scary time to be a male.. right? Wrong. As a male who understands and appreciates consent, I have absolutely no fear in the #metoo movement, I regard myself as feminist and I'm pretty well read on gender theory etc.- it's absolutely time for sexual harassment to be stamped out in all aspects. … Continue reading Is it hard to be male?


Embracing My Feminine Side

I've never been the manliest of men. I can hold a conversation about football because I love the sport, and I drink pints of lager like anyone, but there's just something about me which isn't manly. I wouldn't say I'm girly either, but as far as heterosexual guys go, I'm not on the ultra-masculine end of … Continue reading Embracing My Feminine Side

If I Were A Girl…

Maybe a bit of an odd post this one? I was looking through my wardrobe earlier thinking 'I'm so glad I'm male- throwing on jeans a t-shirt is so simple. Girls have to go through so much more effort to put an outfit together.' I think I have a basic idea of female fashion, but … Continue reading If I Were A Girl…