A Tasty Tour Of Europe

The Netherlands isn’t famous for its food, so when I return from trips to other countries I pine for the delicious meals I’ve had, and so I thought I’d put together a collection of some of my favourite meals. There’s most likely going to be a part 2 for this one! Syrian Street Pizza- De […]

My Weird Relationship With Food…

Back in primary school, when I was in my very first year, so aged about five, a girl was sick in class, and it made me feel very very sick. At school lunch, rice pudding was served as dessert, which reminded me horribly, of the vomit I'd just seen. This was the beginning of my … Continue reading My Weird Relationship With Food…

I Went Vegetarian For A Week!!

Vegetarianism is taking over the world, right? It seems like it's never been so popular, and there's absolutely nothing negative about that- I can appreciate all the environmental damages of the meat industry and yes, I've seen Cowspiracy... I thought I'd go vegetarian for a week, mainly to see if I could actually do it! … Continue reading I Went Vegetarian For A Week!!

If We Were Having Coffee…

I first saw this blog on natalievinh.com so go check that out. I really enjoyed her version of this post, so I thought I'd have a go myself. If we were having coffee I'd be drinking an Americano, without milk but with a little sugar. I'm a little bit lactose intolerant and milky drinks make me … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee…

Get To Know Me: 20 Facts About Me

My full name is Jarrad Raine Saul, and R Saul sounds a little bit like 'arsehole' which is unfortunate. I have one sibling, a younger sister named Phoebe. I study English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire. I'm currently on an Erasmus year in Nijmegen, Holland, at Radboud University. My number one … Continue reading Get To Know Me: 20 Facts About Me

A Spontaneous Sunny Day Picnic In Holland!

The sun is well and truly out in the Netherlands this week, and it's also ascension weekend. This is a Christian event which is actually a public holiday here, so everyone is off work and out enjoying the weather! Today we decided it would be a good idea to cycle to a park about 15 … Continue reading A Spontaneous Sunny Day Picnic In Holland!

Acting Hipster In Sodermalm!

Sodermalm is a district of Stockholm which was easily my favourite. It was visibly fashionable; effortlessly cool. We'd done our research before we came and had seen that it was home to one of the best viewpoints to see out over the city, so that's where we headed first. The view was great, and you … Continue reading Acting Hipster In Sodermalm!

5 Things I Love About The Netherlands

I often wonder what my year abroad would've been like if I decided to study somewhere else... The allure of some Spanish sun has often left me thinking about what could have been, but truthfully there are many things I love about the Netherlands! Canals, canals, canals! This picture doesn't demonstrate it very well, but … Continue reading 5 Things I Love About The Netherlands