Smoothies in Southend!

Today I met up with my friend/ housemate from uni, which involved a trip to Southend-on-sea, the finest coastal town in all of Essex... (not quite). Southend isn't the nicest of places, but recently a few really nice cafes have opened up, and today we sampled the delights of two of these! First stop was … Continue reading Smoothies in Southend!

My Adventure in Romania

*After yesterday's post about inspiration I decided to look through trips I've already been on, to share here!* My trip to Timisoara, Romania, was one which started with a 2.30 am alarm, a 3.00 am cycle and a 4.00 am bus journey arriving at Dusseldorf Weeze airport at 5.00am. Our flight wasn't until midday.. Travelling on Sundays … Continue reading My Adventure in Romania

Looking Round Lisbon!

I'd been in Portugal, specifically Lisbon, for four days before I actually ventured into the city centre. When I got there it lived up to everything I was hoping for, and more! I thought perhaps it may feel like a typical Spanish city, but it was so much more than that- arty and unique, with … Continue reading Looking Round Lisbon!

Moving Out Of Holland…

Life is flying past my eyes; every time I blink another week is gone. Nearly a year ago I ventured out to the Netherlands, all on my own, and moved into an empty room, in a strange city. As I write this it's Monday, so I've just experienced my last weekend living in the room … Continue reading Moving Out Of Holland…

A Tasty Tour Of Europe- Rome Special!

Italy is obviously world famous for it's great food; I reckon you could find an Italian restaurant in most cities around the world! I'm going to run down some great things I ate on my previous trip to Rome! Sweet Pepper and Sausage Pizza- REbasilico They always say you need to venture out of the … Continue reading A Tasty Tour Of Europe- Rome Special!

Beers In An Old Factory By The River!

Along the river Waal, in the oldest city of the Netherlands- Nijmegen, sits a big old factory, called the Honig Complex. I have no idea what it used to make, but it's now been converted into loads of bars, coffee shops, escape rooms etc etc. There's a bit of everything there and it's great! The … Continue reading Beers In An Old Factory By The River!