Memories of Edinburgh…

I'm not sure how accurately I can say I actually visited Edinburgh, I was there for no more than 12 hours and a good 4 or 5 of those were in the airport! For New Years me and my friend Dan decided it would be a great idea to fly up in the evening of … Continue reading Memories of Edinburgh…


Things I Hate About Travelling

So far, over the course of my year abroad, I've visited 19 cities across 10 countries, so I've finally got a bit of travelling experience under my belt. For the most part, I've loved every single minute, but there are a few trivial things which I really do hate... (None of these pictures will relate … Continue reading Things I Hate About Travelling

My Life In Instagrams

Now, obviously I haven't had Instagram my entire life, but I got the app in about 2013, so it holds a lot of memories throughout my journey into adulthood. This post is a bit of a blast through the past, starting when I turned 18. I hope you enjoy! My birthday is on the 28th … Continue reading My Life In Instagrams