My First Time as an Extra!

Two years ago I was an extra in the fairly new Guy Ritchie film, King Arthur, Legend of the Sword. When you arrive at the set you sign a hefty confidentiality contract thing, agreeing that you won't take any photos, nor give away any plot points etc. Because of this, I've never thought to blog … Continue reading My First Time as an Extra!

The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

Before I get started- this is not a review. For one, the films not brand spanking new, and more importantly I'm not going to sit and point out flaws and weigh them against the positives. More likely, I'm just going to wax lyrical for 300 words or so about how beautiful A Monster Calls Is. … Continue reading The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

Introducing…My YouTube Channel!

Yes, that's right! I've got a YouTube channel! Don't go expecting standard vlogs and your usual youtube challenges. Nor will I be uploading clothing hauls, or any other sort of post you might expect on this actual blog in written form.. Instead I plan to make some arty little videos in random places I visit. … Continue reading Introducing…My YouTube Channel!