bad luck and worse

I wrote a poem- enjoyyy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I carved your epitaph into our grandest gasp Which broke into waves through arteries and veins. Anatomically correct. I dissect the remains. Rearrange your DNA and Do not age. Happiness is a state of mind but now you're gone My mind is just a state. Love is not enough,... Continue Reading →

A Little Creative Sample…

I'm currently deep deep deep into a creative writing dissertation (as well as an English literature one), and so I thought I'd share a little sample of my un-drafted work so far. I think I posted an early draft of this story agesSsSs ago, so I won't post the beginning again, so here's a chapter!... Continue Reading →

A Hit Of Inspiration!

They say inspiration can come in the unlikeliest of places, and that certainly rang true today! I woke up, as you do, checked my phone, as you do, and came across the Bilbao BBK Live lineup. It's a music festival in the Basque District of Spain, one that I went to in 2016 and had... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction..

156,000 soldiers heroically stormed the beach at Normandy, facing death head on. And 536 brave astronauts have taken the journey into outer space, unsure if they'll ever make it home. 30 Greek warriors hid in the Trojan Horse, with no knowledge of what they would face in the city of Troy. Yet here I am,... Continue Reading →

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