Disappearing Into The Background

It's been a while since I dabbled in a little photography, and I was feeling kind of inspired today, so I made this.... Originally I wanted to get rid of the entire face but it made the piece look far too gloomy and empty. So I kept the eyes and mouth, which makes it look … Continue reading Disappearing Into The Background

Photography With A Glass Prism

I saw some really cool videos of people trying photography with a glass prism so I thought I'd buy one for myself. Now I'm super super new to photography, and I didn't even leave my garden to take these photos so don't judge too hardly! But here's my first ever attempts, without any editing, photoshop … Continue reading Photography With A Glass Prism

The Artiest Factory Ever! (Lisbon)

Just a minutes walk from our apartment was the LX Factory, categorised as an 'Art Factory'. I'd never heard of such a thing before, but it turned out to be an entire old factory complex (cobbled streets and all) which is now heaps of shops, bars and restaurants, covered in unique and incredible art. Living … Continue reading The Artiest Factory Ever! (Lisbon)

Getting A Little Better At Photoshop…

Five days ago I downloaded photoshop, instantly edited a few photos and whacked them up on here. Ever since I've been tinkering away, trying out new bits and bobs, and I think I've improved a bit! Here's a few little pieces! From this... to... I think this is the photo I'm proudest of! It took me quite … Continue reading Getting A Little Better At Photoshop…

My First Attempts at Photoshop

To improve the quality of my blog posts I think it's about time I start actually editing my photos thoroughly, to make them as good as they can be, rather than a quick automated process I currently use. I had a little play around with Photoshop tonight, and I'm not going to pretend what I've … Continue reading My First Attempts at Photoshop

Introducing…My YouTube Channel!

Yes, that's right! I've got a YouTube channel! Don't go expecting standard vlogs and your usual youtube challenges. Nor will I be uploading clothing hauls, or any other sort of post you might expect on this actual blog in written form.. Instead I plan to make some arty little videos in random places I visit. … Continue reading Introducing…My YouTube Channel!

Beers In An Old Factory By The River!

Along the river Waal, in the oldest city of the Netherlands- Nijmegen, sits a big old factory, called the Honig Complex. I have no idea what it used to make, but it's now been converted into loads of bars, coffee shops, escape rooms etc etc. There's a bit of everything there and it's great! The … Continue reading Beers In An Old Factory By The River!