The Radical Act of Feeling Happy

Somewhere along the way, we privileged, first-world people, decided we wanted more. The American dream, which promises anyone can achieve anything, married capitalism, spread around the globe, and birthed a generation of people who would willingly work themselves to death. When we want we aren't content, and so happiness has become a radical act- to … Continue reading The Radical Act of Feeling Happy


The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

Before I get started- this is not a review. For one, the films not brand spanking new, and more importantly I'm not going to sit and point out flaws and weigh them against the positives. More likely, I'm just going to wax lyrical for 300 words or so about how beautiful A Monster Calls Is. … Continue reading The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

My Unpopular Opinions…

Recently I saw trending on twitter #stateanunpopularopinion... I could've joined in but instead it inspired me to write a whole post, so sit back and enjoy a bunch of things you're probably going to disagree with!Ed Sheeran sucks. Overrated, boring pop music. He's absolutely massive isn't he, but God knows why...Double denim is a legitimate … Continue reading My Unpopular Opinions…

A Social Commentary 1

I started this blog because I felt like I constantly have something to say, whether it has weight or relevance or whimsy is irrelevant. So, I'm going to start this little series of posts. I expect they'll be few and far between, so if they're not to your taste they'll be easy to ignore! The … Continue reading A Social Commentary 1

Damn, Kendrick…

It's been two years since we last had a proper album release from Kendrick Lamar, but DAMN. is worth the wait. I've listened to the record in its entirety twice this morning and I love it. When HUMBLE. was released a week or so ago, I was a little surprised by the hard, heavy beats … Continue reading Damn, Kendrick…

What I’m Listening To- March 2017

So March is at an end, and the year is flying by, but with it have come some great releases in the world of music. Countless albums have been announced for the coming months and some of my favourite artists have resurfaced, paving the way for a great Summer full of great tunes. I'm going … Continue reading What I’m Listening To- March 2017

Do Support Bands Have A Future?

A recent tweet from Gabrielle Aplin got me thinking about where the future of support bands lies. In said tweet, she mentioned that it was increasingly hard to book bands to open for her on tour, without giving reason, but it's perhaps pretty obvious. With the internet at our fingertips new music has never been … Continue reading Do Support Bands Have A Future?