The Top Alternative Instagram Spots in Lisbon

Usually after a trip abroad I post a diary style write up, however Lisbon is a city I’ve visited before and we didn’t do t h a t much differently, so for a what-to-do style post check out my old one here.

For this post I’m going to run through a few good spots to take that all important insta from my most recent trip!

‘Igreja de Santa Engracia’ 

This is a monastery in Lisbon (not the famous Jeronimos one), which for €5 you gain entry to a whole museum/monastery experience. It’s good to kill an hour, but essentially it’s a cracking view of Lisbon once you go up to the roof, and far quieter than other viewpoints.


LX Factory

This one is obvious and unmissable. A whole converted factories worth of shops, restaurants, bars and art; almost allllllll of which are photogenic.


The big bridge! (photos possible from Belem Tower all the way down to LX Factory- just head to the water!)

This Golden Gate imitation is so beautiful how could you resist a pic? Go in the evening for a sunset shot, or midday for a piercing blue sky. The scooters and bikes add a little fun too!

2019-07-12 03.21.55 2.jpg

Jeronimos Monastery

This monastery costs 10 euros to enter and doesn’t offer much more than the courtyard view. The architecture is stunning though, so get your angles right and the shot can do it justice.


Santo Antonio Museum Flower Wall

This spot gets b u s y. So either prepare to have an audience after you’ve queued for your pic or do as I did and head there around sunset. Then rely on lightroom to sort out the colour! Easy.



I guess this is as good a time as any to plug my Instagram- go check it out @jvrrvdsvul –


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