Does Budapest Justify It’s Hype?

When I did my little trip to Bratislava, Vienna and Brno there was one more stop I was particularly excited for- Budapest. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to about it always declares their love for the place; raves about the city. So I had high hopes heading in on the long bus from Brno..

First things first, our Airbnb was stunning. Super modern, huge, clean and SO cheap. It was the perf first impression. Being the millennials we are, our first port of call was ‘The museum of sweets and selfies.’ It’s a whole place kitted out to be super photogenic, to get those ‘grams. It had a swimming pool filled with sprinkles, bananas you could swing on, and heaps more.


As cool as it was, the whole thing left me with a slight feeling of self loathing at the thought that’d I’d paid ten euros to go to the l e a s t cultural place possible, and one of the vainest excursions in existence! Plus, most of the photos turned out pretty rubbish! One saving grace was that we weren’t the ones in there with professional cameras and studio lighting!

It was evening by the time we’d left, and we wanted some dinner, so we found a nice little sushi restaurant which was fairly affordable.


It was delicious and there was sooo much food. We went for a beer after at this kiosk type bar with loadsss of outdoor seating which was very cool- and then headed back for an early night.

The next day was filllllled to the brim with sightseeing.

1970-01-01 01.00.00 11.jpg
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Budapest has some seriously amazing sights, and the best thing is you really can tick them all off in one day. They’re all close together and impressive enough to justify the small amount of walking you do have to do. The instantly recognisable parliament building is definitely the highlight, and you get great views of it from the also awesome castle opposite it.

So Budapest is great for sights, but that can’t be what makes it so popular? The city feels really nice and it’s chilled and beaut, but so are loads of places?


The bars



There’s a thing called ‘ruin bars’ in Budapest, where old dilapidated buildings are converted into bars, sometimes just for a short period of time. They’re filled with junk shop style furniture, graffiti and cheap alcohol and the atmosphere is great. We went to one particular one which was blasting alternative indie classics like Dan Croll and served gin and tonics in giant glasses. It was perfect. They’re impossible to get good photos in because they’re so busy and dark, but honestly so cool.

So worth a visit for them alone (if bars are your thing.)

So, yeah, I’d say Budapest does live up to the hype! It was my favourite city of the four and one of my favourites in general!


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