My First Time in Croatia! (Pula)

I’ve always wanted to visit Croatia; pictures make it look absolutely stunning. So, when I stumbled upon flights for 30 pound return, from Southend (literally 15 mins from me) I couldn’t resist. Thankfully, four friends were also up for it, and so we spent a long weekend in the seaside city of Pula!

Pula is right at the top of Croatia, really close to Italy, and the influence is evident everywhere. The city almost feels like a mini Rome.


It has a really well preserved coliseum which was pretty cheap to walk round. We spent a while in there enjoying the sun and getting some snaps. There’s also heaps of Roman buildings dotted around, so wherever you sit and enjoy a coffee or cocktail, there are views to go with it.

2019-05-03 03.57.28 1.jpg
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The food also matched the Italian vibes. I had pizza twice, one better than the other, pasta once, and a DELISH roasted octopus with potatoes. I didn’t photograph any of my food. I took a much more relaxed approach to documenting this holiday and didn’t take any posed photos like I usually would for Instagram etc. So no food pics either.


But! I do have this photo from inside a bar we spent a good chunk of time in. The photo doesn’t do the place justice, it was super cool. It’s called Cvajner, and is a gallery/bar, with art on the walls and random ‘junk’ sculptures. Also really delicious drinks with a cocktail based around the local pear brandy.

The beauty of Pula is that separate to the city (which has a bunch of museums and galleries- we went to an olive oil museum and contemporary art gallery), there’s endless beaches just a bus away!


We spent a full day at the beach, soaking up the sun and sinking cocktails. The city is really affordable so it was a lovely relaxing trip. The weather got a little stormy at night which meant we sank into a single bar and didn’t explore many nightlife spots, but it was still really enjoyable!

Thanks for reading!

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