Czeching out Brno!

After a great couple of days in Bratislava it was time to move on to Brno; a city just across the border in the Czech Republic. We used flixbus for all our travels, which was super cheap, comfortable and efficient!

Our Airbnb in Brno was in a student housing sort of place; kind of like halls but it was a studio apartment. The apartment was themed around food with loads of restaurant guides and astronomical artworks.

We had two days in the city, which was plenty on a basic level because there aren’t a masssive deal of touristy things to do. First things first we headed to the castle and its grounds.

The views were great, but after Bratislava the castle didn’t quite hit the same spot. The grounds are definitely the better part of the attraction.

The city itself is a stunner, with loads of squares, loads of impressive architecture and cafes for DAYS.

We also visited two galleries which were super cool and modern. Really cheap but you can get round them quickly. The art house, in particular, takes about 30mins and had an exhibition which was so disorienting, walking round a strobing, curved maze, I thought I was destined to spend eternity stuck in there, curled in a vomiting messy ball. It was an experience..

We ate a typical Czech meal one lunchtime of your standard sort of stewed beef and mash, and the other days opted for home comforts like burgers. Brno is also full of awesome bakeries and donutteries that are SO tempting.

And, of course, you cant go to Brno without heading underground. Buried underneath the church is the second biggest collection of dead people in Europe, losing only to Paris. The ossuary is insane. At first it feels disrespectful but in time it becomes this incredibly humbling, grounding experience coming face to face, literally, with our own destinies. There are 500,000 people buried down here and the walls are made of real bones and skulls. It’s surreal.

That’s Brno in a nutshell- a real flying visit! I may post more, but our next stop was Budapest and so thats where my next blog post shall go! Make sure you’re following for that!

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